Kingdom Of America

by Thousand Year War

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Recording of Vocals/Bass/Guitars was done at Paragon Studios(Redding, CA) from April to Sept. 2012 by Jeff Johnson
Drums recorded by Fredrik Widigs(Sweden)
Mixing/Mastering by Colin Davis/Vile/Shadowwork Recording Feb./March. 2012


released March 21, 2013

Hiram Lohr- Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Fredrik Widigs- Battery

Recording done by Jeff Johnson/Paragon Studios

Mixing/Mastering by Colin Davis/Shadow Work Recording



all rights reserved


Thousand Year War Shingletown, California

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Track Name: Kingdom of America
Kingdom of America

Our kingdoms fall and recreate
Lost souls, destruction is our fate
As we build our new empires

Within this world of misery
A future crushed and now diseased
And you can hear the shadows scream

Dissecting ruins of what remains
The earth is scorched and now inflamed
Upon our thrones we watch it burn!

Burn them down, let them speak no more, everything to ashes
In the kingdom of America
Eat their hearts, let their blood drip to the ground, all is left to waste
In the Kingdom of America

Counquer through terror and disease
Bring all the people to their knees
Installing fear throughout the world

Destruction is our secret path
Unholy order, feel the wrath
Of our soulless war machine

Burn, it burns, let it all burn!


In the kingdom of america

Where all that you see is to put you all at ease
We’ll rule with deceit while lying through our teeth
It’s a kingdom of shit and we always get our way
While the innocent suffer and the poor are made to pay
All the rich are getting richer and the end is coming near
For the kingdom of America
Track Name: Weep As We Die
Weep As We Die

Feel it in your soul as the earth is ripped away
Your body left in pieces now shattered and decayed
Unearthly bells are ringing, an echo in the sky
Shadowy dark angels weep as we die

When in well see, the quest for human greed means…
All that we have gained is now all in vain for…

The ways of all our people are a pathway of disease
A new world of delusion, an anti-human creed
Those who rule our kingdoms are the enemy we seek
Their politics, religion, used to prey upon the weak

Banners in the sky hang tattered in the wind
The wisdom of our words is now slowly growing thin
The knowledge that we’ve gained is now used to destroy
Our minds are rendered useless in the never ending void

Won’t you come with me and see the human creed is…
Wont you come with me and you…will…see!


Feel it in your soul as the earth is ripped away
Your body left in pieces now shattered and decayed
Unearthly bells are ringing, an echo in the sky
Shadowy dark angels weep as we die
Track Name: Vulture Eyes
Vulture Eyes

Up above a wretched earth, underneath a star crossed sky
With black wings and darkest shadows underneath my eyes
All that remains in the world below is now a funeral pyre
Fuel the flames and watch it burn as smoke drifts from the fire

Your eyes, your eyes-with your vulture eyes
Denied, denied-all mercy is denied
Com with me and see the world I see
Spread your wings, among these winds be free
Crush your soul, lose control, and devour all you find!

Wait up these broken hills and let the winds sweep the valley beneath
The mounds of dead tell a story of hate for all dying men deceased
Kings and queens of the new empire are laid to rest with steel
These wasted lands are the beginning and end, ashes mark the seal


Take in what you see
Below your black wings
A kingdom built on ruin, now laid in tragedy

The founders of this land are buried in the waste
Memories of them, now the memories of hate

Betray all that you know, sour high above the lands
Rip flesh from all the bodies
In this country of the damned!

There won’t be any corner un-reached when we fly into the sky
There won’t be any bones untouched by our vulture eyes
Track Name: Gather the Wolves
Gather the Wolves

With our fists raised to the sky, the blood soaked rain has covered our eyes
Nothing remains, nothing left alive On this path of pain only few survive
Our enemies run as we blacken the sun, like savage beasts we follow their tracks
Howling at the wind baring razor sharp teeth, devour them all never look back!

The weight, of the world, is crushed beneath our feet
We run, with the wind, our claws digging deep
Enemies surrounded now crumbling to their knees
Blood thirsty cries howling, revenge to be unleashed

Under the skin, beneath the dark mask, our hearts beat with thunder,
Filled with venomous wrath
All that remains and all that you see is the visions of the lost upon which we feed

May all with vision hear, in the night crystal clear
Gather The Wolves!
In the darkened sky, where the shadows rise
Gather The Wolves

No man will bring us down, within this pack elite
Beg us for your lives, we’ll ignore your pleas


Wolf jaws and teeth clenched tight, ripping at their wounds, what a gruesome sight
Feeling the wrath of our fury unleashed
The more that come the more that we increase